Paytm Interview Experience | PM | Set 1

Round 1 (20 mins)

After the initial shortlisting based on the resumes, there was a GD for around 20 minutes. The GD was quite systematic and almost everyone got a chance to speak.

Round 2 (45 mins)

After GD, I got shortlisted for interview.

  1. The interviewer asked me about 2-3 things which I would like to improve in the Paytm App. I told him a few things such as Paytm can customize the icons on the front of the app based on user’s usage of the app. Paytm can try and come up with a flow using which users who are offline can also pay at stores.
  2. He asked me about my internship experience. He asked me questions related to cloud. What are the different challenges the bank/insurance industry faces to move to the cloud? (I did a project on cloud procurement as part of my intern).
  3. Then, he asked me a marketing question – if you are an offline store for mobile devices, what will you do to increase your revenue. To this, I replied, that there are multiple ways I could achieve this. One can be that I give pamphlets in the newspaper in the nearby locality. Also, I could do data analysis of my past customers and understand the kind of phones being bought by people coming from different locations to my shop. Based on this I could customize my ads in the localities. I told him, that I can also go for franchise model for my shop. Another thing can be to start selling the phone accessories so that I could cross-sell to my customers and increase my revenue. Similar to these I gave some other suggestions such as up-selling to existing customers and creating a kind of loyalty program to have repeat customers at the store.

Round 3 (30 mins)

Round 3 was again an interview round.

  1. The interviewer asked me why I wanted to get into product management even though I had my internship in consulting. I told him that more than strategy ideation, I enjoy its execution as that’s where the real challenges come. I gave him some more reasons as to why I don’t like consult and was looking for only Product management role.
  2. Then he asked me if I were given a role to start as a PM which one would it be; operational, strategy or program. My reply was that I would like to start off with operational to understand the complete processes in depth and then move towards the strategy side of it. Since after understanding the operational part of the process, I would be better equipped to devise the next set of strategies for the product.
  3. Then he asked me some more behavioral questions  –
    • Regarding an instance of failure at work
    • What do I understand from product management and what do product managers do
    • What made me so excited about product management

My Profile

Placement Type – Campus
College – IIM Bangalore
Work ex – 3 yrs, Technology Analyst, Goldman Sachs (Bangalore)


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