Swiggy Interview Experience | APM | Set 1

An Associate Product Manager is the first step towards becoming a rockstar Product Manager. Firms typically look for a candidate with the “right attitude” rather than with the “right experience” while interviewing for this position. For me, a recent MBA graduate with 5 years of operations management experience, this was truly one of the most challenging interview experience.

Interview Experience

The panel consisted of Senior Product Managers from three different teams and each took one round.

The first few questions were general and related to my work experience. After that, I was asked to frame the mathematical equation of “how to compute the SLA or the estimated time of food delivery”. The interviewers asked me this question in all three rounds as they could not exchange notes. The key to answering this question was to break down the “food delivery” path in relevant pieces and then frame the Min-Max function.

Other key questions during the interview were:

  1. What parameters would you consider in the assignment logic of delivery executive? The key to answering this question was to think from the perspective of a Delivery Boy as well as a Customer and arrive at the solution which is good for both sides. Further discussions evolved from my answer.
  2. Design the Restaurant Owner App with relevant details on which feature to prioritize and which to keep in secondary views.
  3. Missing Items are a big challenge for Swiggy. How to handle this? The key to answering this question was to break down “Missing Items” issue in several identifiable categories and frame the strategy for each leg.

One thing that went positive for me was that I was able to ask “relevant” product questions at the end. Questions like why is the consumer app designed in Restaurant-first approach and not in cuisine-first approach, etc. This will hold true for any interview- know your interviewers and ask questions which are of interests to them.


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